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07/ 26/ 04 What do celebrities think about vandalized cows?

/PRAGUE 24. 6. 2004/ - The international CowParade project has been marked by unprecedented vandalism. We asked for the opinion of respected figures from the fields of: politics, culture, the arts and commerce.

What do you think about vandalism and the people who damage cows during CowParade Prague 2004?

Václav Havel - former President of the Czech Republic, painter of one cow
"Maybe some people can't bear to look at anything nice, unusual or ornamental, maybe, they can't even bear to look in the mirror. "

Pavel Dostál - Minister of Culture
"It is proof, unfortunately, that there are stupid people in Prague as well. "

Marek Va¹ut = actor and painter of one cow
"Frankly speaking, it doesn't surprise me. I expected that some cows would be damaged, especially those placed in areas near night clubs. - Hey look, a cow, I'm gonna take a ride! Let's milk this one!" And so on. The complete destruction of Romeo 23, the cow that was decorated in memory of the legendary Tank 23, was a special case. That must have been done by some Young Communist League member. The only effective remedy would be to place all the cows in areas which are locked at night or guarded by security"

Diana Dobálová - Press Spokeswoman of Eurotel Praha
"Damaging any kind of property is despicable. Breaking into our cow, the one with the built-in collection box to accept donations intended for sick children is not worthy of a mature society at the beginning of the third millennium. Sadly, compared to other major cities in which a CowParade has already taken place, Prague stands out because of the unprecedented spate of vandalism"

Dara Rolins - singer and painter of one cow
"I regard it as a display of enormous ignorance. It's not the actual damage done to the cows themselves, but it's the lack of respect for the whole idea and mission of COWPARADE that annoys me most."

Jiøí David - an artist, painter of one cow
"I think that generally, vandalism is a sign of mental immaturity. It has to do with a critical lack of creativity and invention, which is counterbalanced by a desire to destroy. Typically this is reinforced by 'herd mentality', when a crowd of people shows insensitivity and a desire to destroy. For such a crowd, every opportunity is good enough, including public displays like the cows."

Serge Borenstein - a co-owner of the CowParade Prague 2004
"I am not only concerned about vandalism against our cows, I am concerned about vandalism in general. My personal feeling is that most of vandalism in Prague can be attributed to foreign hooligans. My question is: Why do they come to Prague? And, when is the city going to start to take action against them?"

Aòa Geislerová - an actress and a co-painter of one cow
"Although I probably should be on the cowboy's side I can understand some of the vandals. If damaging cows is an irresistible expression of one's tastes, then I understand that sometimes it may be hard to tame. But it is still absurd. To destroy something that you don't like is a waste of time. Why would you spend time destroying something you don't appreciate? I wouldn't expect somebody to break what they like. Other than that, I don't have an opinion. Maybe, if the works of art were bulls, they would have enjoyed more respect."

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